adrien . peyrache [at] gmail . com


New paper in bioRxiv
Signatures of optimal inference during learning in rat prefrontal cortex.
Singh, Peyrache and Humphries

Dataset of thalamo-cortical cell ensembles in freely moving mice, across brain states, freely available on the CRCNS website

New paper in Nature Neuroscience
Internally-organized mechanisms of the head direction sense.
Peyrache et al., 2015

New paper in J Neuroscience
Excitation and Inhibition Compete to Control Spiking during Hippocampal Ripples.
English, Peyrache et al., J Neuroscience, 2014

Paper on arXiv:
Multiscale Balance of Excitation and Inhibition in Single-Unit ensemble Recordings in Human and Monkey Neocortex
Dehghani, Peyrache et al.

              PeyracheI will start my lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, in summer 2016.

The lab focuses on the neuronal dynamics underlying spatial navigation and learning and uses cutting-edge techniques combining high density electrophysiological recordings and optogenetics in behaving and sleeping animals. More information about our latest research here.

We are looking for talented individuals to work in the lab. The successful candidate should have either a strong background in neurophysiology or computational neuroscience. Candidates should send me a resume and the names of two references (adrien.peyrache [at] gmail [dot] com).  Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.